confident doctor fakeAilments and sickness occur to all of us at one time or another. The need for a 3-day weekend also infects many of us! Today, most employers have made it a company policy that a sick employee – someone who misses a day or two of work because they called in “sick” – must present a doctor’s note or return slip before they can resume work. This note says, in essence, “This person is all better now.” Gotta love corporate America – NOT!


When you think about it that’s a VERY expensive sentence! Why? Because it means scheduling an appointment, attending an appointment, talking to a disconnected medical professional for 7.53 minutes, then having them write the note – then YOU get to pay for the office visit! Ka-CHING! There went $100 and 3 hours of your life. Booooooooooo! Grab a dr. note from the homepage.

What if I told you that there is a BETTER way? And, what if I told you that the better way was also FREE? No visit to the hospital, no fancy letter and NO stress for you. You’d be interested in that, wouldn’t you? Well, keep reading – you’re gonna love this! Please sit down, and I will explain.

Since we AGREE with you that getting a doctor’s note and paying big bucks isn’t the best way to excuse your runny nose, gurgly tummy (or that looong-overdue fishing trip), we have developed a system that utilizes professionally written and developed notes that are – ahem – artificial. Stated differently, THESE ARE TOTALLY FAKE! Glad you sat down, aren’t you?

We heard you protest – you said, “Wait, is this LEGAL?” Heck, yes it’s legal! We don’t want to be in jail any more than anyone else does – sheesh! We are merely creative enough, and handsome enough and smart enough, and talented enough to have come up with this way to produce notes that are FAKE and that will allow you to return to school or work WITHOUT the expense of seeing an actual expensive provider. (Doctors are expensive these days)

How does this work you ask? You simply download and print our note, then present it to your teacher or boss, than BAM! You are off the hook, and you can return to your regularly scheduled stuff. As an added bonus, you will also receive just a HINT of sympathy – they may even ask, “are you feeling okay?” You are IN THE CLEAR!

We have notes for EVERY possible situation. Let’s run through a few to make our point. Tooth problems? Check. Cough? Yep! Depression or anxiety? You betcha! Wanna tell someone at work you were out for 3 days because you had an ABORTION? Yep, we’ve got that one too! In fact, we have every possible type of note you would ever even DREAM about! We’re that good.

Here are 5 top reasons you can’t wait to download and print our notes:

1. It’s a fake doctors note: it looks real, it feels real, and it’s gonna clear your head so you can rest assured that your boss (or your teacher) will GET OFF YOUR CASE.

2. There’s a money back guarantee: yep, we GUARANTEE the note will work and you will be SATISFIED! That’s even MORE piece of mind – no charge!

3. It’s real: wait, what? No, it’s fake – bogus – not real – but the note is actually printed on real paper – like the stuff you write a letter on – you can touch it, hold it, stroke it and feel it. But please, don’t be a pervert with it!

4. LOTS of satisfied customers: okay, you can’t make this one up! Well, maybe you can – but we didn’t – see, we even included pictures! These are real people doing the same thing you are doing – and it worked!

5. Supply & demand: remember economics class? We don’t either. But, we do remember that where there is a necessity, there is someone building a better mousetrap – or something like that. Anyway, that’s why we’re here – there is a HUGE demand for fake doctors notes!

Hey, we didn’t say the 5 reasons would be earth-shattering, but they are all true! And, we meant them from the bottom of our creative, handsome, smart and talented hearts!

Just like us, it’s all true. Browse our site, watch our videos and see for yourself – this is a great way for you to stay off the hot-seat!

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