dog meditatingThis is a question that is actually simple to answer. The answer is doing it by a guideline and not a rigid rule. There is no real rule to meditation. A person would want to perform meditation in a manner in which it rejuvenates you. There are however as I mentioned earlier, guidelines. So because I do meditate on a regular basis I will talk with you on how I perform this wonderful, blissful connection with God.

The first thing I do is sit quietly in a chair facing east. I do a breath exercise when I begin. Facing east take a deep breath in hold for a couple of seconds then exhale slowly, think to yourself as you take the in-breath that light is streaming into your body by way of your third eye which is located in the middle of your forehead between your eyes. On the exhale think to yourself that you are exhaling negativity out and sending it out toward the Sun to be burned up. All this breathing is done through your nostrils.

Imagine that this purifying light is penetrating your whole being and pushing out negative energy, thus you are filling yourself with positive energy. Perform this exercise two or three times or when it feels good and comfortable to you. Next stay seated still facing east imagine an energy or light at the base of your spine at the tail bone. Take a deep breath and as you breathe in imagine this light moving up your spine lighting up the chakras or the different energy engines. A fake physician’s form works great for this.

These chakras have a color associated with their attributes. The one at the base of the spine is the color red. Moving up the spine with the breath to the next one the color is amber. Moving upward with your breath the next color is green. The next colored chakra is gold, still breathing while moving the light. Moving upward still the next color is blue. The next one up the spine is the third eye chakra and its color is pearl essence.

Lastly the crown chakra is violet or light purple. Well there you have it; this is just a small example of meditation and the different exercises. You can find more on how to perform meditation and what it is used for with an in-depth search of the internet and at various websites.

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