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How to Slack At Your Job

When you’re working eight hours a day it can become stressful, tiring and even boring. Sometimes you may want to step away for just a moment to catch a breather or just to reorganize your thinking. Many people slack on their jobs on a daily basis and it’s not always the case that an employee isn’t holding up to their duties, but just may need a break to help refocus. Time Clock Slacking A lot of employees use this method of slacking very often. Rather it is clocking in just a little late or the “all time classic”, late clocking in after lunch. A lot of them don’t do it to be slackers, sometimes an individual may just be bored or tired on the job. Bathroom Slacking This is another classic way of slacking at the job. Many times if the employer doesn’t have a policy set in place concerning bathroom privileges, employees may take advantage of this opportunity to take periodic bathroom breaks. If you have a job where it is required that you stand a lot, a periodic bathroom break does wonders for your feet. Employees often use the stale for a chair and relax their feet during this period. Fifteen or Ten Minute Break Slackers On any job you are given at least one or two fifteen or maybe ten minute breaks. As an employee, sometimes...

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How to Meditate

This is a question that is actually simple to answer. The answer is doing it by a guideline and not a rigid rule. There is no real rule to meditation. A person would want to perform meditation in a manner in which it rejuvenates you. There are however as I mentioned earlier, guidelines. So because I do meditate on a regular basis I will talk with you on how I perform this wonderful, blissful connection with God. The first thing I do is sit quietly in a chair facing east. I do a breath exercise when I begin. Facing east take a deep breath in hold for a couple of seconds then exhale slowly, think to yourself as you take the in-breath that light is streaming into your body by way of your third eye which is located in the middle of your forehead between your eyes. On the exhale think to yourself that you are exhaling negativity out and sending it out toward the Sun to be burned up. All this breathing is done through your nostrils. Imagine that this purifying light is penetrating your whole being and pushing out negative energy, thus you are filling yourself with positive energy. Perform this exercise two or three times or when it feels good and comfortable to you. Next stay seated still facing east imagine an energy or light at...

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